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When is comes to security, you do not want to compromise.
Push bars, buzzer systems and accessed control systems are meant to keep your business safe and secure in the day to day procedures and in the case of an emergency.

Push Bars\Panic Bars

Push bars may be installed on wood, metal, and aluminum doors that open from the inside Offering many models with a variety of security and electronic features.Some will offer an independent alarm, these alarms can be used to alert management if the door has been opened unexpectedly. This feature is especially useful in retail stores where shoppers may be tempted to try and quickly run out of the back of the building carrying stolen merchandise.
The alarm can also alert building occupants in case of a fire or emergency evacuation of the building.

It is extremely important that a professional locksmith is the one installing, or repairing any push bar, or a panic bar in your place of business. Improper installation can put the lives of your occupants in case of an emergency.

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Buzzer Systems and Accessed Control

As technology changes the world, so do the methods by which business owners protect their businesses.

Many are turning to a keyless door lock and electronic keyless entry system as a more advanced security option.

Keyless door locks offer many benefits to business owners. No longer must you worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands, or rekeying your locks every time a key is misplaced.